Online Blackjack Australia POLi

POLi payment service is an Australian based company founded in 2006. The headquarters are situated in Melbourne and is a private company. It is registered as an electronic commerce business. Now you can support local by using this reputable service when playing online blackjack and other exciting casino games without putting your personal and financial data on the internet.

POLi is an excellent choice when deciding on a payment method when registering your account at an online casino. Australian Blackjack players can simply click on the link for their preferred method of payment and the online casino will instantly receive a receipt of the payment made. This ensures funds can be made available almost immediately! No more hassles to make your payments and no delays! Transfer your payment and enjoy a good game of online Blackjack!

This service used to have application software which needed to be loaded onto your personal computer just like banking software in order for you to make fund transfers to and from your banking account.

The very first version of the POLi software was ActiveX controlled and this raised some concern by customers due to security concerns with ActiveX. This version is no longer operational. The second version of this software is .NET controlled and is safe and secure to use. It is application based however. This software was in use all over Australia and New Zealand.

Beneficial for blackjack players

In 2012, a third version of this software was released which is totally operational in only the browser format. No application download means no chance for hackers to access personal and financial data of customers and is now the preferred version of the POLi software! In 2013, a version of this software was released for mobiles and tablets to make the service more accommodating for customers. This is excellent news for Blackjack players using mobile devices like tablets and cellular phones!

How it works

Consumers can pay merchants for goods or services directly from a merchant’s website without the need for a credit card. The merchant receives and instant receipt allowing them to release the goods or perform the services without delay. This is an online payment system and customers can make payments at their own convenience which means that a purchase can be paid immediately at a checkout point without any hassle.

How to use this service

Australian gamblers do not need to register a POLi payment service account. They can access the service from the merchant’s website or directly on the service’s website. It also allows for a link - or proof of payment – to be initiated from a merchant created URL. This URL can be sent via text message and e-mail. Alternatively a PDF format can be sent.

Safety and Security

There might have been some concern with the very first version of this software as it was ActiveX based but since the second version came into effect which was .NET based, the service has been a trusted and reliable service provided to Australian Blackjack players and is a great alternative for transacting when playing online.