UseMyBank Online Blackjack Australia

UseMyBank makes online payments easy! Now available to players in Australia, online blackjack no longer needs a credit card to play for real money. “Freedom from the credit card” is the main pitch and allows all parties to make payments without having to share sensitive details with the opposite party. It is the epitome of instant online banking and with so few requirements; online blackjack just became a whole lot easier and user friendly. It is the perfect mix of features all wrapped neatly in one service that allows you to access your local online banking service and transfer money all over the world through UseMyBank in real time! Now that is good service.

The name has technically changed to UseMyFunds, as a product of the popular UseMyServices, but many still know it by the original moniker. The service started in Canada, its main branch being in Toronto, but the instant banking service is so globally needed that it quickly spread and is now even available in Australia! This international reach means that your money can be moved across continents and international oceans in an instant. It is this feature that makes it so cost effective and powerful. When your favourite online casino or online blackjack offers you the UseMyBank services option, it is offering you the best.

UseMyBank Blackjack Online Australia

It would be logical to assume that a great service like many other online services would require a lengthy sign up and confirmation. This is not true about this particular state of the art service. There is no sign up necessary! It works by using your already existing online banking service to access your local bank account. This also ensures that the service can be provided safely, securely and as importantly, with utmost convenience. This also comes with the benefit of having transactions billed in your local currency (or the currency stipulated in your bank account). UseMyBank involves no third-parties, a practice which makes transaction fees lower too. It simply provides the secure portal to connect your online casino account to your online bank account, making transactions instant and completely player friendly.

Safety and other benefits

Due to the nature of the service and how it works, your private financial information will remain secret and safe. Your anonymity is ensured! You also no longer need to open another browser window and go through the hassle of adding the casino as a beneficiary, after which you still need to make the payment! With the ingenuity of UseMyBank you can access the funds in your bank account directly, which saves you a lot of time and money! Real time transactions (which translate into real time credits to play online blackjack) and no purchase limits (provided that there are enough funds in your account) makes this the best online payment solution out there.

Withdrawals, deposits and banks

Since the service is delivered via the internet, it is internationally available. Many of the major banks in Australia are already associated with this service including ANZ, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, St. George and NAB. Withdrawals and deposits are done through these online portfolios which mean that with UseMyBank you can add credits or have your winnings available immediately!